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The new Folk Rap remix version of FORSAKEN VETERAN OF THE DRUGS WARS a collaborative message from California based Hip Hop Rap artist J. SMO and myself will be released by MPC Recording Company via iTunes on February 26th ... pre order now to avoid the rush.

FORSAKEN VETERANS OF THE DRUG WARS is a track from my first CD THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT which you can order below.


AMR LIVE - Recorded Live Interview and a playing a few songs on Australian Musicians Radio May 2015

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Humanology 101

Humanology 101 - Bob’s newest CD, is a collection of his songs which reflect the human condition and the world we live in. The songs are sad and true as well as happy and reflective. Produced by Bob he is assisted by an assortment of great musicians and vocalists which bring a rich tone and ear pleasing variety to the music which further enhances the thought provoking lyrics.

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The Hippies were Right

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THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT originally started out as a demo. After so many years in cover bands I started playing my own stuff and needed something to demo my stuff, as I was trying to get on the singer/songwriter circuit. This was it, I was and still am very proud of all of these songs, just me on the guitar and singing. Recorded live at Incubator Studios it was my first real studio recording. There is a free down load of the title cut and there are some more cuts on the Folk Alley Open Mic. It got a bit of air play in the US and Aust. Local Community Radio Stations.....and it helped to get me on the circuit. Enjoy!

Free download from The Hippies Were Right:

The Hippies Were Right

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