This is a song about the situation we now live in, a song which will be among many that will be written by songwriters all over the world. It is a strange phenomena in that this pandemic effects everyone around the world in so many different ways but the reaction, response, restrictions and attentions are very local. What is taking place in Melbourne Australia is completely different what is taking place in Tokyo, Belgrade, San Francisco or some little village in Norway. This song references what we are living with and through here in Melbourne Victoria Australia … right or wrong it is what it is.


It will be written that in the year 2020 there was a correction that sent the meter back to zero

Doctors, janitors the truckers and nurses even check out chicks would go down as heroes

Bottle shop bedlam grocery aisle assault they came in numbers to knock themselves out

The cruise ships delivered an infectious prize locked in a cabin with nowhere to hide

14 days in isolation you stayed behind the curtain social distancing turns to social menacing

We all wore masks to hide the entry guarding the post like the queens own sentry

Toilet paper junkies just couldn’t get enough they will be wiping butts for years with all of that stuff

Hoarding food for the end of time they believe there will be kitchenettes at the end of the line

Then there was the blues the daily toll on the morning news

Just like some kinda war our correspondent live from the local morgue

Politicians they listened to the experts but they were hungry for votes

Banned huntin and fishin to curb the violence but let the horses run left the liquor stores open

They closed the restaurants they closed the pubs but you can shop all day for hardware and such

They closed the borders they stopped all the planes but let the floating virus carriers dock in the bay

The word essential became the key but selectively applied or so it would seem

Slapped with a fine if you didn’t submit we can track you with an app just download it

Demonstrators gathered to prove their credentials the virus spread was exponential community concern non essential

Horney guards they just had to perform so another six weeks locked in our dorms our fair city lost in a viral shit storm

Then there was the blues the daily toll on the morning news

Just like some kinda war our correspondent live from the local morgue 

Stay at home they put signs on the road didn’t make much sense               if you should be at home

The medical experts were all over the shop but conspiracy theories             they were right on top

Don’t go to work we heard politicians say the economy is crashing     but they’ll still get their pay

Were all in this together we’ll make sure you’re ok it will take 3 generations for the credit card to pay

A viral correction yes that’s how it played it started in China well that’s what they say

Maybe its the correction we just had to have Mother Nature got angry and slapped our hand

Yes it was the viral correction blues politicians all yapping on the morning news

Fighting a war with a viral enemy we’re all in this together but it’s you who lose.


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