AFGHANISTAN … a profitable little war

Wars for profit … ah the excuses (propaganda) are laid out like fine tableware …

  • Saving the population from a ruthless Left Wing dictator (who filled the vacuum left by a Right Wing dictator and is threatening to nationalize the oil reserves)
  • Saving the population from a ruthless Right Wing dictator (likely one the CIA installed to protect the people from Communism)
  • Bringing Democracy (read Capitalism) to the people … whether they want it or not
  • Making the world safe for Democracy
  • Stopping terrorism (at least the terrorism we don’t agree with) … and we don’t care how many innocent people we kill in the process
  • Keeping a Dictator/King/Government in power (as long as they meet our needs, how they treat the people can be overlooked)
  • Stopping “them” before the arrive on the beaches
  • Stopping “them” from obtaining weapons that we have
  • Making sure “they” don’t become chummy with another “Superpower”
  • Supporting or stopping a popular revolution … depending on which best serves our needs

But in the end the real reason boils down to one thing … profits … profits for the Military Industrial Complex and those who it feeds and who feed off of it.

Here’s a little song from my HUMANOLOGY 101 CD focusing on one of those profitable little wars its called AFGHANISTAN … but you can substitute any one of a number of different countries in its place … the song remains the same, as does the story.

The amount of money taken from the U.S. and other taxpayers that have been used to fund these little wars that have gone straight to the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex could have fed, clothed, sheltered and provided mobile phones for the entire third world several times over. But that would not be profitable now would it?

Afghanistan – Recorded by The Likely Suspects – Bob Crain – Guitar & Vocals, Robbie Haber – Drums, Paul Snowden – Lead Guitar 

Recorded at Incubator Studios Melbourne.


What’s the prize who’s gonna care in a land that knows no borders
A desolate wasteland oh so cold with barely any order
Tribal fiefdom War Lord masters in a darkened land
Only export addicts death why should we take a stand
Will this be the last campaign in the worthless dust and stinking mess that is Afghanistan

It has no value can’t be conquered the people don’t seem to care
Just ask Hannibal, Genghis Kahn or the Russians buried there
It’s never had a ruler even Alexander failed
The Taliban never had a hold on what they thought they ruled
The soldiers have no uniforms turn as the winds blow and now we have been fooled

Afghanistan what’s it worth not one more young ones precious birth
If Afghanistan is to bring us down it will be the fault of faceless clowns
While we waste our lives and money they reap a great reward
If we fence them in let them spin will it alter the worlds accord
Put an end to this senseless campaign in that darken hole
Let’s learn from the woeful disasters of those who went before
Lose not one more valued life from this day evermore
Bring em home and close the door on the senseless Afghan War.

Afghanistan is the graveyard of imperialism
The people are happy with their ways riding horses market days
They don’t want our treasured freedom they don’t seem to care
Why should one more young ones life be wasted way out there
The faceless men who send them in they know you just can’t win this senseless Afghan War

There will be no medals won in that stinking place
There will be no ticker tape no victory parade
Prime Ministers Presidents show up like photo op whores
Years of struggle death and lyin the only end is mothers crying
There will no winners in that stinkin place just the stench of death and massive loss of faith

All rights reserved © 2010 B#Music/R.G. Crain – APRA Registered


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