Art Delivering A Message

From the song The Music Led The Way on my first solo CD THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT comes the line “We didn’t know we were at the dawn of time on the threshold of a dream we were in the flow of something special and the music was the stream”. In those days before computers, mobile phones, MP3’s and the world wide web…music was the link, the bond, the medium that carried the message that kept us in the loop that kept us inexplicably connected to one another and to ideals that made that social revolution what it was.

That music was a vehicle which accomplished taking a generation to another level of understanding. The songwriters, bands and artists took in what was being presented from all around them interpreted it in song and then delivered it back to us. This music provided us with May Poles, lynch pins, ideas and positions to rally around, the music was the stream  in which us and the frenzied basket of new ideas, new ways of seeing things, new understanding of the world around flowed together.

It was this music which I grew up on, that I listened to intently day and night from the time I bought my first Bob Dylan album. Through the 60’s and the early 70’s the musical style and delivery of a message through song was imprinted in my head and still is today. I still listen to the music of those times and to new music from the artists of the time, who are still writing and playing today. The new artists that I listen to and enjoy seem to have come up through that college of songwriting which teaches us that art should deliver a message, present an idea or a view for the listener or viewer to take in and interpret.

My writing and musical style come from these roots and through this college of art delivering a message. The world around us is so full of subjects to write about there is neither the time nor the required inspiration for one person to write about them all. Unfortunately it seems that in our current it’s all about me and my feelings world the college of art delivering a message is not well attended and I look around at the meaningless to me music I hear today, and though I try to understand why, I always seem to fall back on “well I guess you just had to be there” and go back to my musical roots and writing in the style of “as the songs are presented to me” as a graduate of The College of Art Delivering a Message.


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