Playin in the band,

Like the medicine shows of old, riders get on and off as the wagon moves on down the road.

Ashbury Medicine Show has been through several incarnations over the years but I think this is the most complete set of musical practitioners to load up the instruments, hitch up the mule and head on down Rock n Roll Road.

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anita Poole brings new vocal feel to the songs as well as a few songs of her own, she plays keys, guitar, percussion and more. Multi-instrumentalist Erik Adams with his 4 string bass, 5 string violin and 6 string guitar has all the strings covered.

Add all of that to the ever present electric lead guitar of Tim Tolhurst and songwriter, singer, guitarist yours truly the ol’ doctor and you have a nice blend of ingredients with which to mix up a brand new batch of musical snake oil.

We’ll be out on the road soon enough so stay tuned we may be pulling in to your town … or local venue very soon settin up camp, lightin the bon fire and puttin on the show… Ashbury Medicine Show that is.


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