Ashbury Medicine Show

Been off the line for a while, busy with life stuff but, had a great time playing with Ashbury Medicine Show at the hottest new music venue in Brunswick The Bergy Seltzer.

Along with Anita, Tim and Erik we put on a two set show for a nice crowd on a very pleasant Sunday Afternoon.

As luck would have it one of the best band photographers in Melbourne Michael Reynolds happened along with camera in hand and got some great shots of the band in action.

The band has some big things coming up in the new year and we are working hard adding to the play list, writing songs and generally tightening up vocally and musically. You can keep up with the goings on right here on my website or via our Facebook Page

With the brilliant singer, multi instrumentalist and songwriter Anita and I on dual lead vocals and the instrumental mix which includes guitars galore, uke, bass, violin, key board, hand percussion and more we are able to really expand the songs vocally and instrumentally. We are a Folk Rock band and our songs are meant to convey a message as all good Folk Rock songs should … but they must be pleasing to the ear as well or the message doesn’t grip.

Hope to see you all out there on the gig trail at some point in the new year!


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