The latest inclusion in my Isolation Demonstration Series, Bottoms Up.

Like all good socially conscious folk rock songwriters it was almost imperative to write a song about the peaceful Occupy Wall Street Demonstration, the issues that fostered it, it’s accomplishments and the degree of change which it produced.

I believe that the Occupy Wall Street Demonstration was the most effective display of public protest since the Vietnam Era anti-war protests. The issue was, and continues to be quite clear, the filthy rich and corporations continue to get more filthy rich, the hopelessly poor and impoverished were and continue to be more impoverished and hopeless and the disparity between the two grows larger every day. Along with that the Serfs more commonly referred to as the Middle Class who fund through various methods both the top and the bottom of the economic scale continues to shrink in numbers and capacity to produce … a recipe for disaster.

All empires eventually fall, usually crushed under their own weight and the American Empire will be no different. The indulgence by the wealthiest, governments who continue to feed their wealth in various ways and the shysters, lawyers, crooks and cronies who support them, the 1% and their hangers on will fiddle while Rome burns because the fires will have little effect on them initially. They have so much of everything and laugh at those below them crying out “you should work harder that is how I got here” … which is for the most part bull, generally it is a matter of luck and location. The 1% do their best to keep the Serfs in their place feeding, as they have for centuries in the past, off the fruits of their labor. They feed welfare scraps to the poor and impoverished and maintain the feeding frenzy at the bottom increasing crime, drugs, alcoholism, and terrorism, in turn keeping the Serfs attention on the bottom rather than the top.

History tells us, it repeats over and over again through time. that eventually the bottom gets too heavy for the balance and the top comes tumbling down, usually with  a very ugly outcome.

The main accomplishment of the Occupy Wall Street Demonstration was to bring attention to  the  growing disparity between the 1% and the rest of us. I think this was accomplished I think the OWS Movement has certainly raised awareness of the disparity between the very wealthy and the very poor and the shrinking of the Middle Class. I think it also brought attention to how the 1% relies on the fallacy of the Stock Market, Too Big To Fail, Globalization, Tax Loopholes provided by the career politicians they own and the biggest Pyramid Scheme of all time Extreme Capitalism, to maintain their view from the castle window.

There is and should always be a place in society for the person who wants to work hard, own a business, provide a good education for their children and to better themselves for the sake of their families and society in general. We need Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, Plumbers, Carpenters and Journalists but there is a monumental difference between getting ahead and pushing others down from the top. Some of those folks at the top should take a good hard look because someday, maybe not today or even soon, they are going to find themselves running for their lives and hoping the poor don’t find a loophole in a hangman’s noose to fit their heads in.

I hope you enjoy the song … if not that it at least provokes some thought.


If the middle is shrinking the ends are getting longer the bottom’s getting weaker the top is gettin stronger

but mind your P’s and Q’s  it might not last that much longer

It’s happened so many times before the pool at the bottom swallows up all the shimmering dew drops from above

it doesn’t come from hate or love but the need to survive.

You can call it what you will but its heading for a spill you went to the well one too many times and it looks like

The greed somehow  got the best of your needs.

Now your street of walls is filled with freaks and it’s a fair share of the spoils of which they speak you know

the herbs and the oils which you so tightly keep

If you can’t see it plain as day from your castle walls then you can’t see at all like the Roman Empire as you fall

the decadence the greed the money and all.

If too few at the top hold all the gold the weight is too much for the balance to hold

The pendulum swings the top crashes down the bottom rises up it’s a story old as time

The Brits, the Russians, the Greeks were just a few whose lust for gold and power just grew and grew but

soon enough it was all they could do the last piece of gold to hang on to.

Its not too late but you better have a think it’s not how much you make it’s how much you take

it’s not how much you make it’s how much you take

it’s not how much you make it’s how much you take


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