A group of four diverse veteran musicians and songwriters have come together to write, play and perform original folk rock music (and a few covers) in venues and festivals around Australia … and the world.

Being in a band is hard work at the best of times, at the local music scene level it’s harder and in the current state of the world its even harder. Bands are best made up of diverse individuals bringing their individual talents to form a collective effort to succeed. They have to be fun, interesting, there has to be communication, camaraderie, collaboration along with both collective and individual effort. There has to positivity but at the same time the ability to be able to critically and constructively address issues not only with the music but also with, somewhat unfortunately, the “music business”. If you can put all of these things together along with the pure joy and love of creating, playing and performing great music … you have a pretty good chance of being a band … in Folk In The Road the wheels have all the spokes we just need to keep them wheels rolling in the right direction.

Folk In The Road are:

ERIK ADAMS – Lead Guitar, Violin, Composer,  good humour coupled with a perfectionist ear. Erik is a classically trained violinist who has expanded his talents to the larger six stringed instrument both acoustic and electric.

SIMON RODGERS – Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Fretless Bass, Extremely versatile Simon has an excellent “feel” for the variable folk rock music created by the band, he holds it together while adding colour whether it’s a finger picking ballad or an uptempo rock number.

LOU OPIE – Co-Lead Singer and Songwriter, Lou has been singing from a young age and has sung in venues around the world with different bands, duos, trios and solo, she has two incredible solo albums to her credit. She is quick witted, very smart and add the female touch to the vocal mix and the band in general.

BOB CRAIN – Co-Lead Singer, Songwriter, Acoustic and Electric Rhythm Guitar. Playing in bands for most of his life in the U.S. and Australia, brought up on folk rock, a musical throw back to the ’60’s and ’70’s but with an eye on the world as it is today, he writes what he sees. With three solo CD’s to his credit he sees the band format as the true folk rock experience with a vast array of musical talent and lyrical ideas.

Folk In The Road will be bringing it’s wide musical scope to a venue or festival near you soon … in the meantime we are headed for the studio to record a few tunes as a base for our first EP or CD … so keep your ears open for that … and like our Facebook Page so you don’t miss out on gig and release announcements.


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