The band is Anita Paul co-lead singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Erik Adams multi- instrumentalist, songwriter and myself co-lead singer, songwriter and guitarist. This band has such a huge color pallet and musical talent that it is sometimes difficult to resist over arranging songs when simplicity is all a song requires … sometime less is more. It’s still and always will be filling the genre gap between Folk and Rock … and therefore Folk Rock.

With the pandemic we as a band have come to a fork in Rock n Roll Road and must find diversified outlets to get our music to the ears, hearts and minds of listeners. With renewed vigor we will just go down the roads and see what’s there … “the roads in Rock n Roll don’t have no Dead Ends signs just gotta run down the road and see what you find”. Opportunities to play live in local venues and festivals will be few and far between for some time and maybe even longer.  There are other paths in this game and, like life vigor, commitment, concentration, hard work and thinking outside the square will generally get you through.

We intend to get in to the studio and record some music in the very near future and with that we will have something for the fans and the industry to consider … so stay tuned there are folk in the road and they are coming your way.



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