I have played a lot over a long period of time solo, with duos, trios and bands most have been good experiences but I have never enjoyed playing music more than I am currently with this gang called FOLK IN THE ROAD.

Four fully committed, highly talented musicians, creative songwriters and great people. Everyone is in to it rehearsals are something to look forward to working hard to get the songs right and having a good time doing it. Everyone is adding their expertise to the arranging and scope of all the original music we are playing. Everyone is writing, collaborating with each other on songs which is creating this varied repertoire of folk rock originals. Everyone has “ownership” of the music that comes out as passion in the performance of the songs and the audience feels it when you play with passion, live or recorded. Everyone is putting their hand up to share the “business” work that is essential to getting gigs and building a fan base.

A band is pretty much as close as it gets to “family” and this band it has opinions and views but they are without ego and argued or put forth in the best interest of the music. No “stars” no ego trips, no prima donnas just let’s get to it and make great music and great performances.

It is my sheer pleasure to play with Erik Adams lead guitar and violin, singing co lead with Lou Opie who plays a mean tambourine and the rhythm section Simon Rodgers on acoustic and electric bass guitar, and to collaborate with all in songwriting and arranging music.

Long live FOLK IN THE ROAD … hopefully the road we are on goes through a venue in your neighbourhood and you get the opportunity to see this band at work … or is it play because it sure is fun.

You can check us out on YouTube or have a listen to some of our stuff on SoundCloud … but best is live so keep checking the Gig Page or our Facebook page to see where FOLK IN THE ROAD will be playing.


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