Incubator Studios Melbourne

I have been remiss in providing my fantastic sound engineer Adrian Akkerman of Incubator Studios with the accolades he deserves in the production of Bob Crain – Live. In speaking with another sound engineer  at a function recently he explained what a challenge it is to take a raw recording of a live performance, even a professional one of the quality I had, and track, clean, mix and master it in to a product that could be proudly put up for sale or even in a public forum … it is a daunting task to get it right. Adrian took on the challenge without hesitation and I, as well as listeners, bloggers, reviewers and radio presenters who have commented on Bob Crain – LIVE have all given the thumbs up to the polished production of the digital release. THANKS INCUBATOR GREAT JOB! 

Bob Crain – LIVE recorded live at the Folk Barn is exclusively available in digital download format from … for 5 bucks not much more than a cup of coffee and it lasts a lot longer.


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