Isolation and Reflection

Well here we all are in Government imposed isolation for our own and of course everyone else’s protection … a perfect time for reflection, assessment and scratching out a few things on the “to do” list (I am hoping to get through Page 1 at least).

Things I will be doing (in no particular order);

  • Writing and or finishing songs … oh so much material out there at the moment
  • Playing guitar and singing songs … just for fun
  • Upgrading my knowledge of music theory
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family
  • Missing Footy mostly … and sports in general
  • Spending quality time with my four dogs
  • Helping my wife with her projects
  • Organizing files, photos and documents in my computer
  • Updating all my music sites and pages
  • Cooking … believe it or not (and no, photos will not be posted on FB)
  • Listening to the music I love … yes Folk Rock that shouldn’t surprise anyone
  • Reading books and re-reading some books that I enjoyed or learned something from the first reading (maybe I missed something)
  • Washing my hands … a lot
  • Blogging
  • Trying my best to ignore the conspiracy theorists, racists, hoarders, stupids, con artists, carpetbaggers, political point scoring and general bullshit
  • Giving thanks to those out there working be it in hospitals, social services, food services, farmers, police, rubbish collectors, cleaners, retail staff etc
  • Looking to the future in all things in life … it will be somewhat different … hopefully this momentary glitch in time will cause some change for the better.

Things I will not be doing (in no particular order);

  • Anything that may put my family, friends or fellow Australians at risk
  • Live Stream shows from my music room
  • Wandering around Shopping Centres or worse Bunnings aimlessly
  • Panicking, hoarding or acting out of fear
  • Endlessly watching the sensationalist news
  • Abandoning my own principals
  • Being bored
  • Getting a haircut
  • Criticizing governments in trying to do the right thing
  • Feeling sorry for the Stupids who endanger themselves and others with random acts of stupidity

So what is on your Do and Don’t Do List? Plenty of time to reflect and consider life as we knew, know now and may know in the future. Hopefully change for the better will be the result of all of this but who knows. Around 100 years ago the Spanish Flu (not racist just a label) came down on mankind … what were the resulting changes if any … I intend to research and read about that¬† … on the Do List.

Stay safe all … practice social distancing but not unsociable distancing.


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