Just A Thought

I wonder if the current virus crisis we are facing in the world today is not just Mother Nature giving her “guests” a slap upside the head for not respecting her, our environment and our fellow “guests”. We seem intent on trashing our “guest house” and then pointing the finger at other “guests” to alleviate ourselves of responsibility for participation in the destruction of our little rock. Just a thought from an old folk rocker.

Guests Of Mother Nature

We live here as  as the guests of Mother Nature

Her bounty is at our beckon call

She provides shelter and sustenance for all

The water flows grass grows the winds blow in the warmth of her glow

She is the life blood that pumps through us all red and black big fat cats and just the small

We need her more than she needs us oh on that you can trust

Sometimes she gets angry throws a little fit gives her guests a little kick


Respect sometimes we show none at all

Use her up why do we have to use it all

Slow down don’t be in such a hurry to cry

Be thankful try to be a bit gracious a little grateful

Consciousness act like you care enjoy the air

Pump out her lubricant mine all her grit cut down her shade

Churn up the landscape with our battles like it is our backyard

Harvest her creatures show little grace it is not ours to waste

The buffalo the whale and the tiger need each other as we need them

Were glutinous and wasteful sometimes greedy and often distasteful

Might may make right but it doesn’t always make sense.

She sees what’s been done and left by you and me its just so ugly

The graveyards of red brick factories for miles and miles line the tracks

No one home no use is known knock ‘em down and let the grass grow

From coast to coast along every track plow it in and turn it back

Everything we need she abides some hold her sacred some just along for the ride

Everything you see belonged to her before it belonged to you and me

Everything will be hers again just you wait and see

She’s seen enough maybe it’s her disgust seeing all this dust and rust

Maybe she’s letting us know what’s in sight its far past the time to set things right


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