Look Who’s Crying …


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There is no sound louder in the United States than the sound of the career politicians who are owned by the Military Industrial Complex screaming like stuck pigs as the President has announced that he is ending U.S. military involvement in Syria. Whilst declaring “Victory” is complete BS as it was when Bush declared victory in Iraq or Obama declared victory in Afghanistan … there is no victory in the Middle East never has been never will be. The only possible victory for foreign invaders in the Middle East is to get out of the Holy Wars that exist there and not lose another life or spend another taxpayer dollar.

This screeching and screaming should be the clearest indication to the people of the U.S. that the U.S. economy is basically a war economy and that any reduction in the little wars and the rumor of war will be a huge blow to the Military Industrial Complex that controls the government and the career politicians that it feeds.

The generals, the “military analysts”, the career politicians, foreign governments who love U.S. military spending in their countries, the media who rely on the sensationalism of war to report on, the corporations that rely on your tax dollars in the form of, so called “defense spending” and the investors who rely on that spending to create profit for them. All spouting reasons and theories as to why we should continue to fund military action in the Middle East in a civil war in a country that isn’t civil where no objective achievable goal has been established so there is no end game, no possibility of conclusion because “this” has been achieved. “Oh we can’t turn Syria over to the Russians” why not they turned Afghanistan over to the U.S. … and look how that turned out.

Make no mistake people these little wars and the continued rumor of war is about nothing more than money, profits for the corporations that feed off of them via your tax dollars and the retention by the career politicians of their slots at the taxpayer funded pig trough as they represent not you the people but those corporations who fund the retention of those slots.

Have a good look around review some history Vietnam trillions and trillions of dollars of profits to the Military Industrial Complex along with the deaths of 50,000+ service people and hundreds of thousands more wounded for life … no result. Iraq remains the same today, Afghanistan still a lawless frontier controlled by drug financed war lords and now Syria and each time victory is declared and there is a reduction in military spending it is the same people who scream like stuck pigs … why because the money and profits are reduced if there is a reduction in military action. There is no built in redundancy for bombs, bullets, planes, ships, guns and military hardware they have to be used or there is no reason to continue to produce them. It seems there is also no shortage of young men and women that can be sacrificed in pursuit of these profits … ours, theirs and the innocent bystanders who are deemed “collateral damage” all are collateral damage in the pursuit of profit.




Whenever we are on the brink of a reduction in tension around the world you can always find another consultant, analyst, retired general now working for this corporation or that, lobbyist, intelligence source, conspiracy theorist or career politician who will present via the media their reasons why we need to continue hostilities, continue to increase “defense” spending, continue to be vigilant because our perceived enemies have a new weapon or continue to seek advantage, so more of your money needs to funneled to the corporations to build more bombs.

When are the people, who are in the end the funders of military adventurism around the world, going to say enough is enough, when are we going to stand up and say hey we have seen and heard this story before, when are we going to put a stop to it because you can be sure your elected representatives at the moment are not interested in changing the status quo. When is the loss of one more life in the pursuit of profit going to be one to many? When is the fact that your tax dollars could be much better spent on a numerous better projects than funding little wars for profit overseas going to be enough?


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