WHOLE Lotta Hate Going On

Gee there is a whole bunch of hate going on in the world at the moment. So many people seem to be hating on each other for all kinds of reasons … not that anyone actually did anything to anyone but just that they don’t agree with them about some idealistic point be it politics, religion, boundaries, sex, freedom of choice or even just the way they look or something they do … even though it has not really effected the hater.

I never let my kids use the word in the house no matter the subject and I don’t use it either … hate starts at home gets stuck in your head or heart and then it is hard to shake free.

Not so long ago a politician here in Australia whose team had lost the last election and who was facing a tough recount in his own district gathered the political media in an empty Chamber and proceeded to give a speech to no one except the media. In that very angry expletive laced speech he expressed his hatred for the rightfully elected Prime Minister and commanded that WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK. (Note that person recently resigned as it turned out he is a citizen of another country and not entitled to sit in the Australian Parliament :).

Now statements like that always worry me as a student of history we have seen that mindset being followed by some very bad results. If I remember correctly it was used to great effect in Germany in the mid 1930 … what was the guys name … doesn’t matter. I question 1. Who they are going to take “their country” back from and 2. When they do take “their country” back where are they going to put all those people that they took if from.

Now I try to keep away from politics in my Blog posts but as the speech by this politician, who was desperate to retain his slot at the taxpayer funded pig trough and would have said anything to do so, prompted a song I thought it would be ok.  The hate level seems to be rising so I thought this would be a good time to put the lyrics of this song up, maybe some will be reminded that this whole hate I want my country back mentality is not going to bode well for some and maybe turn down the bluster a bit.

It has not been recorded as yet but I might put it on my next recording … that is if I can get it done before someone takes “their country” back and I wind up on a bus to a reeducation camp to get my mind (and opinions) right. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty.


Join up now in Scott’s army of hate do it today don’t be late

Be the first one on your block to circle the neighbours and lock ‘em up

Send all them non-believers off to camps to re educate

But the hard-nosed non conformists we will have to terminate

They need to get right in our adjustment camps they’ll see the light

They will learn to think like us or we’ll shock them with a few kilowatts

We’ll work some torture magic and they will learn to be like us

This is our utopia and if they don’t agree they’ll be on the bus

Family, loved ones, friends of friends must think like us we’ll haul ‘em in off to camp we will send

Women, children and old war vets if they can’t get right they’ll       be whisked off in the dead of night

We don’t care about your religion or the colour of your skin

You completely agree yeah it’s must then man you’re in with us

Join up now it’s the army of hate get your strips don’t be late

Get in to the big round up of whose opinions we don’t trust

Jump on board the hate band wagon we’re takin off don’t be left standin’

The long march of opinion cleansing is on the way it has no ending

Enlist with all the hate you can muster the pay is fifty bucks a day

The only requirement here today is that you believe everything we say

Mothers, daughters, old women and men the army of hate is comin in

We’re takin it back now can’t you see and we won’t stand for those who disagree

So join up now in Steve’s Army of Hate be the first to round up your family we’ll send them off to re-educate

So join up now in Steve’s Army of Hate turn your loved ones in don’t hesitate we’ll send them off to re-educate