Mucho Music stuff happening

There is a whole lot of music stuff happening at the moment or in the planning stage

  • SONGWRITING – I have recently written or finished several new songs with titles including A Lot More Rock n Roll, It’s Been A Long War, Black On White (a song for my dog Maggie), Where Is Our Paul Revere, Picasso By The Numbers, Dime Store Novels … and more. Some are new others have been sitting in the unfinished folder waiting for musical inspiration or time to work on them. Sometimes they come in bunches sometimes not. I love and enjoy songwriting, there is just so much going on to address in song and sometimes little time to work on it. Then of course there is the process of polishing and practicing them before you can take them out on the road … but that is coming.
  • GIGGING – Ashbury Medicine Show is fusing together as a cohesive unit and we have some good gigs coming up Sunday Smorgasbord on March 22 at Whole Lotta Love Bar along with some other great performers Acoustic Foxx and Snow & Co. Over the years I have shared the stage in one way or another with Acoustic Foxx and Paul Snowden from Snow & Co. but it has been awhile and we are all looking forward to putting on a great show … its a great mix of talent and genre so there will be something for everyone. Then Ashbury Medicine Show will be at a venue we have never played at but hear it is great food, drink and live music Friday April 3 at The Thornbury Local along with another complementary band, just yet to be confirmed.  CHECK THE GIG PAGE FOR DETAILS.
  • RECORDING – Ashbury Medicine Show will be heading in to Incubator Studios in April to record some songs in the studio and also our live performance at Whole Lotta Love will be recorded through a system that seems pretty interesting called Open LIVE which records gigs remotely off the desk, very interested to hear how that turns out. I will be recording a raft of my unrecorded new and old material early this year, will then see what makes or doesn’t make it on to possibly a new album or EP this year. If nothing else they will be saved for prosperity …  someone may discover them some day.
  • POSSIBILITIES – Have one of my songs from Humanology101 up for placement in a movie … you never know about these things but you just have to stick your foot in every door that cracks open in the music biz … fingers crossed.

So stay tuned to my Website Blog and come along to one of our gigs … they are sure to entertain, possibly inspire and maybe even give you something to think about as it is Folk Rock so there is bound to be a message in the music.


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