Songwriters, Songs & Stories

Songwriters Session, Songwriters Circle, Songwriters in the Round, Writers Rap … they go by various labels but the concept is the same, a multi songwriter line up together on stage sharing their songs and the stories behind those songs with the audience. It is my favorite songwriting presentation format, the flexibility to expand on the reason, story, meaning or emotion of a song in a more relaxed atmosphere unlike a 45 minute set where more music less talk is usually the formula.

Sharing not only with the audience but also the other songwriters and getting an idea of what others are doing … songwriting generally being a very solitary endeavor. We hope that yes the song will speak for itself however the why, what occurrence, what event in history or life prompted a particular song is, in the songwriters head, (those who write from life experience anyway) extremely important.

I have attended and participated in many and I look forward to being part of one on Monday October 1 at Freddie Wimpoles in St. Kilda along with 5 other songwriters. Refer to the Gig Page for details or

Hope you can make it down to beautiful St. Kilda for this one … it is the Kick Off of the Music Season in Melbourne (Football season done and dusted) and mark the first Monday of the Month in your calendar for the monthly Songs Of The South songwriters night at Freddie Wimpoles.


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