This is a new song written this year, yet to be recorded but I can play and sing it without getting distracted by the message. Might get it demo recorded soon and maybe FOLK IN THE ROAD will get in to the repertoire or I will get it in to a solo set in the future.

The writing of the this song stems from my observation of the increasing polarization and radicalization I see in society all around us, and it seems to be getting worse by the day.

There have always been radicals and hardliners among us but we are being dragged further apart by the Agenda War Lords, Governments, Corporations, the News Media, the owners of the social media platforms, the Education System and the toxic inequality that exists in the world.

This polarization and radical hardline attitude expresses itself in this manner, especially on social media platforms, “I don’t agree with you, you are wrong and I am right, I hate you and what you believe and I am going to do everything I can to demonstrate my hate and destroy everything you believe”. Everything must be black or white no room for shades of grey in the middle. It is just not acceptable for one who chooses a vegetarian diet to also accept and agree that the cattle rancher who lives down the road has the right to choose to eat meat … each must despise the other and their live choices.

It seems not to matter which “ism” we humans exist under the gap between the wealthy and powerful and the rest of us gets wider each day. This is also helping to expand the hate gap where it is easier to despise what others believe or how they live their lives than it is to concentrate on addressing the real problems that affect the majority of the human race.

This polarization is fostered and taken advantage of by those in governments and in power, as a divided electorate or population is much easier to control than a concentrated majority. Polarization is promoted by the sensationalist media that is as polarized as the consumers who take it in. Corporations are joining in with their marketing campaigns not to better serve the consumer but to increase profit.

This situation seems to have gotten worse and worse over the last 20 years notably along with the influx and uptake of social media which has, much of the time, become unsociable media. We all need to take a step back and maybe try to find the things we agree on rather than those that we disagree on. We need to widen the middle of the road and push the radicals who lead their followers to the darkest places over to the rough edges where they belong. Try to find some understanding that we all have different ideas, thoughts, mindsets, values and ideals and live and let live, try to keep ourselves in the middle of the road rather on one side or the other.

Truth is most likely to be found somewhere between “right” and “wrong” between the yen and the yang somewhere in the middle of a two way road rather than on those ones sign posted as “One Way”.


Hard to find the middle of the road Danger on the left a socialist plot trouble on the right its a Nazi spot

A thin line of independence keeps them apart but the line is getting thinner with every shot

Political infidels can’t abide either one caught in the cross fire but neither side won

It’s one way traffic one going left the other going right politicians sit back and enjoy the fight

One pod of politicians pretending to be two don’t look now but they have the strings on you

A divided people so easy to turn pull the string they respond to your urge

In the middle of the road you see the straight and the narrow

You sway to the right and they’ll label you somethin’

You merge to the left and they’ll call you a Russian

They can’t condone you middle of the road types don’t think just get in to the hype

The middle of the road is a dangerous place side swiped by the left accosted by the right

There’s no place to grow no middle ground in sight they manipulate minds to put out the light

Each side prepared to unload the wrath so you tip toe down the middle to avoid the bloodbath

Keep your comment to yourself there’s no one to sway keep to your self don’t get in their way

Independent think in the middle of the floor don’t do it my friend you’ll have nowhere to go

In the middle of the road you see the straight and the narrow

You sway to the right and they’ll label you somethin’

You merge to the left and they’ll call you a Russian

The middle of the road gets thinner each day and before too long completely gone away

Independent thought well that horse has bolted you gotta move to one of side the road toooo  be trusted

Don’t matter which side the destination is the same division well that’s the name of the game

In the middle of the road you see the straight and the narrow

You sway to the right and they’ll label you somethin’

You merge to the left and they’ll call you a Russian


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