Well we are almost out of complete isolation the band is back rehearsing and so this will be the last song in my Isolation Demonstration Series…for now anyway.

I wrote this song back in 2012 it was true then and it is probably truer now as tracking and surveillance has gotten much more sophisticated in the last eight years. Not only can private corporations, social media moguls, Google, police and governments track our movements but if they want to and have a bit of tech ability your neighbors, friends, enemies and criminals can track your every move.

They don’t have to plant microchips in each of us, most of us are walking around voluntarily with a tracking device in our pockets. They don’t have to do surveys of what buying trends are they just have to look at where you have been and what you purchased. Been to a house of ill repute lately … your wife or husband can find out, playing around on the side they can find out what seedy hotel you have been visiting when you were supposed to be on a business trip.

All this technical advancement was suppose to benefit us and make our lives easier … and admittedly sometimes it does, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Remember when you found a phone booth to call home or a taxi … a thing of the past you got a phone and an app for that now.

Now they want to end something we have all learned to know and love … cash. Yep they want every transaction to be done by some card or your phone … much easier to keep track of what you are doing that way. The Covid 19 pandemic has been a boon for the trackers as we are encouraged for our health to “pay by card” in fact many places I have seen won’t even accept cash now.

We are moving in to very dangerous territory so as the song goes “if you want to hide turn off the phone and go play outside”.

Now I am going to put this song up on my website … the internet … for the whole world to listen too. While that is great the internet has also been a crippling factor in the music scene, again too much of a good thing.


They track you when you’re sleeping they watch when you’re awake

They know when you have paid for something so be cool for heavens sake

They’ve got you on the GPS and they track your every move

They know just what you Goggled and they’re on your Facebook too

Embedded trackers in your phone and one’s fitted to your car     

No matter where you go today they know just where you are

It’s not like Candid Camera its really not a joke

They know just what you bought today and they share with other folks

You don’t know they are tracking but you signed up and paid a fee

Your phone is like an ankle bracelet and you thought you were more free

Paid the price for that fast connection while you Skype twitter and chat     

But you’ve turned your life into an open book for all the world to hack

If it was vino or a trip to Reno or even a machine to make cappuccino 

They know just what you’re after and you get the junk email with every special offer everything’s for sale 

You wonder how it was they knew that you liked a red or two you goggled red wine and they came right after you 

Yeah its fun to surf the net and you love those Youtube vids they got you wired in selling your details to the highest bid

When you’re playin your games they know your name

Its wired in its on line its www right on time

They are tracking your car they know just where you are

They eyein’ your buys they know exactly where you fly

If you want to hide turn off the phone and go play outside

If you want to hide turn off the phone and go play outside


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