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Next Gig

When the next live gig for me, or anyone else, will be at this point in time is pure speculation … but stay tuned.

News Flash

Very happy to welcome superb bassist James Lockwood to the band … one more FOLK IN THE ROAD


For any number of reasons I have gone down the path of putting up some demos of new songs that have not been professionally recorded to date. This is something I have not generally done over the years … but what the hell is “general” any more.

These demos are recorded in my “studio” on a little Zoom Digital Recorder, just me on guitar. Along with the song is a bit about why, who or what the song was written about (but whatever it means to you is OK) and the lyrics. I think I have the mix about right with either electric or acoustic guitar and the vocals, but volumes may differ depending on what you are listening to them through.

Comments, constructive criticism, “likes”, downloads, shares even slagging are accepted but remember there are no facts in music just opinions.

Below are links to all of the songs as I put them up, they are posted on the My Take page on this website.