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Next Gig

FOLK IN THE ROAD will be doing their next gig ………… at some point in the future

News Flash

WRITING COLLABORATING¬† WRITING WRITING COLLABORATING WRITING MUSIC LYRICS … that’s what happens when you lock up songwriters now look what you made us do … new music coming soon!!!


Well here we are again in Melbourne Australia Locked Down like children in a pre-school so we don’t hurt ourselves…no need to go on about this.

So what to do, it’s very hard for musicians, bands and artists at the moment can’t rehearse, can’t perform and can’t really assess opportunities as the world is in a state of flux … however we can (those of us who do) write and compose songs. Luckily for me that is my main attribute songwriting, and there is so much to write about at the moment, so I have some outlet.

I have decided to put up a series of the lyrics of songs I have written some old some new, some recorded some not and some still on the drawing board without music. Where they are recorded I will include the audio but this is really about lyrics.

David Crosby once said when asked about the secret of songwriting “write what you know”. I basically stick to that theory most of my songs are observations of what I see around me, what is happening in the world, in my world, the human condition etc … not protest songs but songs of social consciousness, you know Folk Rock. I am just an observer, a translator not an interpreter … that is for the listener to decide.

I am very pleased to be working on songs with the members of my band FOLK IN THE ROAD, the collaborative process has turned on new lights in the songwriting process musically and lyrically. When performing those songs there is a higher level of passion in the delivery as they are “owned” by everyone so exciting times ahead for us.

Stay tuned I will try to put up a song every day or so … hopefully this lock down doesn’t last too long and I don’t run out of songs to put up (I have a few so I am ok for now.

Here is the link to the first in the Series is below … a pretty topical song at the moment – AFGHANISTAN.