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Next Gig

Music Mania again Sunday 26th Acoustic Session with Black Angus Duo … check the Gig Page

News Flash

Very excited to be working with the owner of Vitality Bloom Nursery at Garden Mania to get regular Sunday (and maybe more) gigs going at this fantastic setting in Boambee NSW.


Having relocated and been granted political refugee status in New South Wales after escaping Victoria … it’s time to get back to writing, playing, gigging and finding new friends to make music with. All the new home projects are done the music studio is set up and time is now on my side.

Always on the look out for opportunities I happened upon what looked like a great place for open air gigs. Had a chat with the owner of Vitality Bloom Nursery in the Garden Mania Lifestyle Centre just up the road from home “ever think about having music here” and that started the ball rolling. Have organized the first live music gig to be held there in a beautiful outdoor setting among the lush tropical green landscape. The hope is with both the owner and myself we can get a monthly or fortnightly Sunday Afternoon thing ongoing for at least the summer months. Gotta start somewhere.

Around the same time, and knowing that I needed some musical compadres to get things going, I ran in to a fantastic and currently idol guitarist/singer Gary Berryman. He want to play I wanted to play we had a session together hit it off and found a nice compatibility with the music originals and some covers. Gary will be joining me at Garden Mania we will play some solo sets and a couple of duo sets and see where it goes from there.

So the other thing that I need to turn my attention to between surfing, getting better acquainted with our new home of Coffs Harbour and also doing some sightseeing day trips around the area is … SONGWRITING. I have been busy with the relocation for the past 7 or 8 months my brain hasn’t been on idle enough for new songs to get in and I still have a back log of lyrics with no music to get through. I expect more lyrics to flow through soon … there is so damn much material to write about out there in the world at the moment and life and lifestyle change always brings new things in to focus.

I do miss Folk In The Road … the best most committed band of brothers and sister I have had the opportunity to play with … but a change had to be made. Wish them all the best as a trio or whatever form they wind up with.