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Mucho Music stuff happening

There is a whole lot of music stuff happening at the moment or in the planning stage SONGWRITING - I have recently written or finished several new songs with titles including A Lot More Rock n Roll, It's Been [...]

Foxx On The Wire Interview

Foxx On The Wire with Bob Crain I was very pleased to sit down with my good friend and fellow musician Acoustic Foxx and have a discussion about all things music on his Acoustic On The Wire Podcast. Craig [...]

Ashbury Medicine Show

Been off the line for a while, busy with life stuff but, had a great time playing with Ashbury Medicine Show at the hottest new music venue in Brunswick The Bergy Seltzer. Along with Anita, Tim and Erik we [...]

On the road with Ashbury Medicine Show

Hitting the road again with Ashbury Medicine Show, on stage at Whole Lotta Love Bar (check the Gig Page for details) on Sunday Nov. 3 ... music from 4PM to when the fire dies down. Special treat - a [...]

Folk Rocking with Ashbury Medicine Show

Great gig with Ashbury Medicine Show at The Catfish along with Tim Tolhurst on Lead Guitar, Anita Paul on Vocals, Guitar, Hand Percussion and Ukulele and Erik Adams on Violin, Bass and Guitar ... stay tuned the medicine show [...]