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Songwriting 101 by Bob Crain

Here's a little essay I wrote about songwriting some time ago but it still holds true today ... it was published on the US Music website Middle Tennessee Music You can get a taste of my songwriting on my Reverbnation [...]


Songwriting is a weird and wonderful thing and a process I enjoy as much as performing. I do not "try" to write songs and I certainly don't abide by the "write a song everyday" concept that some "songwriting gurus" promote. [...]

The Broken Sweethearts – Single Launch

ASHBURY MEDICINE SHOW had a fantastic night at The Broken Sweethearts Single Launch last Friday at the Central Club Hotel. The local original music was mighty fine and well performed, Dave Wright and The Midnight Electric were "electric" to say [...]

Ashbury Medicine Show

The band I belong to Ashbury Medicine Show is appearing tonight at the Central Club Hotel in Richmond in support of The Broken Sweethearts for the launch of their new single The Only One. This will be the first major [...]

Bob Crain – LIVE

For all of you out there around the world who would like to see and hear me play live (I know you are out there) I will be playing with my band Ashbury Medicine Show in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at [...]

The “Connection” Is Fractured

The mystical connection that existed between music and people, and visa versa, seems to have diminished the point of a bad internet connection, intermittent fading in and out, 1 bar to 4 and back, static, hearing...but the message is incoherent, [...]