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Audio Snippets


(full story also available on Home Page) Bob Crain – LIVE, was recorded in front of a live and very attentive and appreciative audience at Kate and Karl’s Folk Barn in Northern California during a very short trip to the [...]


Genre Gap


“the pumps are dry we’re back on our feet”

FOSSIL FUELS a track from Bob Crain – LIVE



MTM Interview and Video

Parts 1 & 2 of my interview with Josh Smotherman from Middle Tennessee Music are now up on their site HERE ... it includes an Exclusive Video of a new unreleased song so have a listen and a read ... or you can check [...]

Australian Musician Radio – Live Interview

I was interviewed on in a Live Broadcast Special about The Taste of Indie Collective before playing a few songs. The show featured artists from the Collective including myself, Jonathan Shaw from the bands Summon The Birds and [...]


PROFITS IN WAR from Bob Crain – LIVE

PROFITS IN WAR - LYRICS Don’t you see it folks its all just a ruse    every other day a scary story in the news They trot another consultant to prophesise on the clues they’re talking up theory the threat [...]

Just About A Year Ago – Pacific Nature

Around this time last year I was in California playing some gigs and my set at The Folk Barn was recorded and eventually became Bob Crain LIVE ... a digital download exclusively available from my website Nine songs [...]


I generally stay away from politics on my music blog page but ... hearing and reading about how Native American's are being denied the opportunity to vote in North Dakota due to the lack of fixed residential addresses on [...]

WHOLE Lotta Hate Going On

Gee there is a whole bunch of hate going on in the world at the moment. So many people seem to be hating on each other for all kinds of reasons ... not that anyone actually did anything to [...]

REAGANOMICS … the Song, the Theory

Not so long ago I was thumbing through some old lyrics that I wrote in the 70's and 80's when I lived in Hawaii and I stumbled on one called Reaganomics. I had a look at it and thought [...]

If You Know Aloha

There is really not enough room on the World Wide Web for me to write everything I could or would want to say about Hawaii ... I have tried to say it best in this song If You [...]

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