Woody Guthrie

The Last Of The Old Folk Rockers

The Last Of The Old Folk Rockers ... by Bob Crain It is going to be a sad day when all the real Folk Rockers retire and the hard core, socially conscious, meaningful song writing that dominated the [...]

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Art Delivering A Message

From the song The Music Led The Way on my first solo CD THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT comes the line “We didn’t know we were at the dawn of time on the threshold of a dream we were [...]

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Songwriting is a weird and wonderful thing and a process I enjoy as much as performing. I do not "try" to write songs and I certainly don't abide by the "write a song everyday" concept that some "songwriting gurus" promote. [...]

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“The Australian Woody Guthrie”

“Melbourne-based folk rock singer-songwriter Bob Crain brings us the sound of his live California performance on this release.  He is a natural storyteller, and his songs bring us the Australian equivalent of Woody Guthrie.” That is a direct quote from [...]

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Review of Bob Crain – LIVE … from LA Music

Review of Bob Crain - LIVE,  from LA Music Critic . com ... by Bob Leggett Read the full Review - http://www.lamusiccritic.com/indie_voice_blog/get-it-or-forget-it-grand-marquis-bob-crain-david-gerald-elin-k-worth-of-souls/ Artist Name:  Bob Crain Album Name:  Live @ The Folk Barn Label:  Self-released Genre:  Folk Rock Track [...]

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