Review of Bob Crain – LIVE … from LA Music

Review of Bob Crain – LIVE,  from LA Music Critic . com … by Bob Leggett

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Artist Name Bob Crain Album NameLive @ The Folk Barn

Label:  Self-released Genre:  Folk Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Pacific Nature; 2.  Fossil Fuels; 3.  Last of the Old Folk Rockers; 4.  Profits in War; 5.  Texas Text Book Massacre; 6.  Retirement Homes for Nuclear Weapons; 7.  Hippie Ghost Dance; 8.  Thanks for Having Me; 9.  The Gold Rush of 2000; 10.  Closing; 11.  The Meaning of This Song

Publicist:  Be Sharp Music

Review:  Melbourne-based folk rock singer-songwriter Bob Crain brings us the sound of his live California performance on this release.  He is a natural storyteller, and his songs bring us the Australian equivalent of Woody Guthrie.  He tackles a multitude of relevant issues, including the environment, fossil fuels, war and peace, nuclear weapons and more in these modern day folk songs.  His tone is instructional and his style is laid-back, making it easier to take his messages to heart.

Recommendation:  If causes are your passion, then you should definitely check out this one.


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