The next installment in my Isolation Demonstration SeriesFASHIONABLE INDIGNATION. This one is really a band song and my band does it really well, this demo is just me on electric guitar and vocals … but how it is arranged for the band.

We have reached the abyss in human communication with Social Media yes it is great we can communicate with old friends and meet new friends, enjoy cute puppy photos and funny memes but … it has also become a vehicle for, hatred, vitriol, finger pointing, baseless accusations and of course fake news.

It seems that with Social Media if you don’t agree with someone’s comment you are free, despite not really knowing anything about that person other than the comment made, to slag, belittle, abuse with the foulest of insults and condemn the commentator to eternal damnation.

If you are for the right of women to control their bodies you are labeled a baby killer and showered with photos of dead babies and fetuses … if you are against abortion you are labeled a Nazi, conservative, bible bashing Neanderthal. There is no allowance, no matter the subject, if you don’t agree with my position then you are wrong … one does not need to argue a point of contention just throw insults.

If you do not believe that rioting, looting and violence are reasonable reactions to a social injustice you are labeled a racist on the other hand if you see social injustice and call attention to it, even physically peacefully protest it, you are a fascist, a criminal and left wing loony.

The thing about fashionable indignation on social media is … you can call someone the foulest of names without the danger of having that person knock your block off, which you would if you used the same approach face to face … protected by technology.

There is no middle ground on Social Media and it seems that it is fashionable to be indignant something to brag about how you shot someone down on Facebook. The old adage of, if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all, is completely non-existent on Social Media. When you don’t agree with something … I must comment, abrasive, extravagant, radical opposition to anything even the simplest of opinion about music, sport, even the weather must be contested. If you don’t agree great make your point but if you can’t and can only resort to abuse because someone doesn’t agree with you … perhaps some anger management, English composition, public speaking courses are in order or you can just turn off Social Media.

Fashionable Indignation it’s all rage … but it doesn’t have to be … I must admit I have been guilty of it myself but I now guard against personal insults and stick to debate of the subject matter or, this works too, don’t comment at all.


Is your displeasure a sign of the times grown on a modern vine

Is your rant and public stand just a cover of another band

I can label you as I please until my indignation you do appease

Fashionable indignation its all a rage just lay it down on your page

Fashionable indignation oh its all the rage

Fashionable indignation get it out on your page 

Fashionable indignation I want it fixed get to it man don’t be a dick

Save the trees the mountains and the bees from those who don’t believe

Don’t ya take my guns away from me God says the gays must leave

He said she said no that’s not true I don’t believe it must be fake news

Point and say everyone’s a racist     oh that is except for me

Fashionable indignation its all the rage

Fashionable indignation get it out on your page              

Fashionable indignation I want it fixed get to it man don’t be a dick

You can’t say that its not politically correct

You need to be non specific or you make me fret

The crusade of a modern age you’re right it’s you’re rage it’s you’re page

Stamp your feet pound the table how dare you not accept my fable

You won’t sit still till you’ve made your point till then you won’t leave the joint

Keyboard warriors we’re all in a huff to make a point promote our snuff

Fashionable indignation like a dog with a bone

Fashionable indignation squeezing blood from a stone

Fashionable indignation oh it all the rage       go ahead take the stage


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