Forsaken Veteran of the Drug Wars


A couple years back my friend and California Hip Hop Rap artist J.Smo wrote and produced the Folk Rap Fusion version of a folk rock song I originally wrote in 2010 which was included on my first solo CD THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT.

J. Smo extended the “war reporting” up to the current time … but the war continues to rage on various fronts.

Considering this J.Smo and I are considering another war correspondent song reporting on the current status and sides in the continuing Drug War … the longest war in US history and probably world history … and still no winner in sight.

Just to refresh your memory as to where we got up to with our reporting, here is the song and the story … available to purchase here.

Forsaken Veteran of the Drug Was … by Bob Crain and J. Smo.

The Drug War has now extended over three generations with untold causalities on all sides with no end in sight … so stay tuned for the next song.

Reporting from the combat zone Bob Crain and J.Smo


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