The Hawaiian entry in my Isolation Demonstration Series IF YOU KNOW ALOHA.

I was born in California and I live in Australia but my heart and soul are from Hawaii my spiritual home. I lived in the islands for nearly 20 years and went from being a wandering teenager to a respectful, aware … sometimes mature human being.

You can reside in Hawaii without ever understanding but if you live in Hawaii and find that understanding of the Aloha Spirit it is something that never leaves you no matter how far you may drift away from home.

The Aloha Spirit is an intangible, an understanding of the connection of all things, a way of living one’s life, an attitude of respect and awareness. It can’t be earned or learned it is attained through living and experiencing life in the Hawaiian Islands. The Aloha Spirit is so much more than a greeting and lei around your neck at the airport … it’s just not that easy.

There are no throwaway lines in this song they all carry some weight, some meaning, some expression of the Aloha Spirit. This is one song that I often find myself drifting off while playing it to memories of my days in the islands, friends, events, places and special occasions come to mind easily.

Hope you enjoy the song … if you know then you know … if not I hope you seek to find that understanding of the spiritual connection of all things in your life. That understanding is not exclusive to the Hawaiian Islands, you can find it in yourself anywhere, but in Hawaii is known to those who know it as the Aloha Spirit. Maybe because of the beauty of the place and the people and the respect the people have for their islands it is a bit easier for it to rub off on others.


Somewhere between Hollywood and here floats an island of jade

Between where I was born and where I live is the place that powers my heart

Wrested from the natives long ago but still welcomes students of life those who seek to resist the strife

Warm sun rolling waves long black hair fresh clean air cooling winds on sun tanned skin

It could take years maybe a decade or two to wash your soul clean

Such beauty outside and in its where Aloha lives

It takes an understanding but sometimes understanding is a virtue hard to find

You will find that everyone can do something better than you

And that forgiveness is something that we can all learn to do

To the locals the land and water it is oh so dear     if you can embrace the life you can see clear

You will be a part of the family and be one with the jewels

When you’ve learned your lessons yes you can leave But you will always be what you have become

Hold a place in the sun no matter how far you run

Lightly falling rain on emerald blue green water washes over the sand

Together they clear the mind clean the soul and the land

With just a touch of rage so you don’t forget who rules this place

It leaves you in awe and lets you know just how small you are

If you know Aloha then you know it all If you live Aloha then you can’t go wrong

You can leave a place but you can’t leave a feeling If you can feel Aloha then you can see for miles

If you know Aloha then you know it all If you know Aloha   If you know Aloha   If you know Alohaaaa


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