Please Pass The Indie, Bob Crain – LIVE

A very positive review of Bob Crain – LIVE from the folks at Please Pass The Indie. They listened to the songs and extracted a meaning or direction and that is what I am trying to get across … art is supposed to convey something to the consumer. Love what they had to say about what might be my favorite song from the release The Gold Rush Of 2000 … hit the nail right on the head “In his song ‘The Gold Rush of 2000” Bob talks about his views on the current music industry. Comparing it to a gold rush he sings, “Its just another Gold Rush…/The results will be the same/ A few will of the lucky will get rich/ Other die trying never know their names.” He sheds light on how it is more about knowing the “tricks of the trade” rather than creating something moving and meaningful.”

You can read the entire review here Please Pass The Indie * Bob Crain – LIVE

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