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This is a music website and I can generally say what needs being said through my songs and don’t put strict political posts here but … here’s one. Note I do have a song about the particular matter that I believe is missing in our representative political system and that is “regular regurgitation” of those “representatives” sometimes referred to as Term Limits, that song is titled Get ‘Em Out … it will be on my next release for sure. A demo copy of that song is here

WHO WON THE U.S. ELECTION???? Simple the Political Elite, the Political Parties and their owners the Military Industrial Corporate Economic Media Complex. The Political Establishment have successfully divided a population of 350 million people in to two halves (except themselves of course they are all on the same team). There are few “Americans” left just Democrats and Republicans with hard core radicals on each side. The election was basically a stalemate which is exactly what suits the Political Establishment they can continue their internal power struggle, service their owners, point fingers of blame, talk a lot and do absolutely nothing for the people while they comfortably feed at the taxpayer funded pig trough. The American people lost this election through no fault of their own really they were given very little option to change anything.

I suspect that many are sick of the ongoing internal power struggle in the 1 party pretending to be 2 that has rendered government useless for the last few decades. I hope American’s generally would like to see a Congress that works for the people rather than for those that fund their campaigns to retain or gain a spot at the pig trough. Never has there been a clearer indication that what is required is regular regurgitation of those in the seats on Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, State Houses and Local Government … the time for Term Limits for all elected positions has come but I think we may have to wait for the next revolution for it to happen because the Political Elite and their owners have a firm grip on the goose that lays the golden egg (the taxpaying serfs) and they are unlikely to let go without a fight. TERM LIMITS NOW FOR ALL ELECTED POSITIONS – TAKE THE CAREER OUT OF POLITICS TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.   


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