Help me out here … We are in a climate “crisis”, an “emergency”, a “disaster” a ring Mother Earth 000 NOW we are told. It seems that within, what in Earth terms is the blink of an eye, that the Earth will be uninhabitable, dead polar bears will be floating around Europe, the Statue of Liberty will be an underwater amusement park, Florida will soon be underwater, Pacific Islands will disappear etc etc etc man we are in trouble. So the question is why are we not doing a few things that can be done immediately which may not completely resolve the issues but may buy us some time to get it all figured out? Not talking about turning off the lights or stop driving cars or flying airplanes, just some little things, some commonsense things, some “emergency” measures so to speak.

Our clever and concerned “leaders” have been having meetings, conferences, targets, discussions, frameworks etc for decades on this issue. Our very “Awakened” and concerned corporations are claiming green credentials, the rich and fabulous tell us we need to “act now”, 99% of scientists have shown us the alarming figures and all of us concerned and environmentally conscious citizens can see we are in deep poo if we don’t do something … so why are the things that can be done not being done?

Here’s a few things that this dumb old hippie from California can see that can be done now to stave off the demise of the human race in the short term while we seek a more permanent solution;

  • Plastic – Plastic uses tons of fossil fuel in both the product and production of the product. A great deal of what is now plastic like packaging, clothes, material, parts, shoes hell just about everything that is made of or packaged in plastic can be replace with natural materials like hemp, cotton, paper, glass, metal, wood and various other things which are biodegradable, available, have been used before for decades before plastic, labor intensive (creates jobs), convert carbon to oxygen for the most part, can be produced in both large and small scale locally and are renewable and recyclable. Production change over can be done in a matter of a couple years all it would take would be for some of our very concerned green credentialed corporations to make the changes. Yes there are some things that may still be required to be made of plastic or plastic type materials but surely our very clever scientists, engineers, leaders can make it happen … I mean this is an “emergency” … isn’t it … it calls for immediate first aid not palatial care.
  • Air Conditioning – Air conditioning is one man’s biggest users of energy and it is a complete waste because to maintain your “comfort” it has to keep running. The human race survived for eons without mechanical air conditioning surely we can make a bit of comfort sacrifice to save mankind. Yes there are some situations, like say hospitals, where it can be required but do we need it in every car, house, office, building, camper van and dog house … no not really. Surely a law can be passed that says (and all of us concerned citizens would surely go along with it) you can only use mechanical cooling or heating if the temperature is say below 10 degrees C or above 38 degrees C (and something F) and really do you need it in your car roll down the window get some fresh air or put on a jacket. All those buildings that are locked up air tight with no opening windows can be refit with windows that open … think of the jobs it would create. Unfortunately I suspect that our cleaver leaders, concerned corporate, the rich and fabulous and 99% of scientists are not going to give up their air conditioned comfort for the good of mankind despite the dire straits we are in.
  • Chemicals – Really do we need all these chemical products cleaning products, gardening products, farming products, food additives, health supplements artificial this and that? They are generally just an easy out excuse to not work hard, not exercise, not eat well, not take care of yourself, to stay awake or go to sleep and to clean the oven. They are like plastic huge users of energy in their production and not only the bi-products of production but the products themselves wind up in places that they shouldn’t like the water, the land and bodies. Do you really need to have everything covered in Teflon or can you just take a bit more time and bit more elbow grease to wash the dishes?
  • The Military – We are in a human crisis with the demise of the human race on our doorstep do we really need to be developing better and more efficient ways of killing each other … since we are all going to die soon anyway? Do we need to be battling in religious wars, do we need to be saber rattling with the Chinese or finding excuses for another cold war with those Commies over there or should we be finding ways of cooperation since we are all going to succumb to this “crisis” no one will be spared? Do we need more worthless tanks, more jet fighters, more submarines, more guns, more drones, more bombs, more nuclear weapons and more places to use them I mean none of that is going to stop this “climate emergency” is it? The energy used in the production of military stuff and the use of that stuff is enormous and to what end … we have enough nuclear weapons to blow up this planet and several others do we need more or less. We have so many spy satellites watching each other that if more than 5 ants move in one direction at any given time anywhere on Earth someone knows about it … surely we can do without all that hardware that is pretty useless in the face of the end of existence that we now face. Maybe when all of those concerned leaders get together next time they can discuss this as a first step to avoiding the end of the world … once we get all that sorted out they can go back to killing each other over some “ism” or religion but first things first.
  • Armies, Navies, Red Guards etc – So we, around the world, have all these men and women in the uniforms of our countries armed to the teeth, trained and ready for action … why? Would it not, considering the steep decent we are facing, be better to put those “service” men and women in to service to save mankind? Could we not retrain and retool them to be Environmental Protection Armies they could monitor compliance with regulations and put polluters and people using air conditioners not in jail but say planting trees or cleaning up waterways? All those clever “service” people can be redirected to cleaning up the oceans, ground and land rehabilitation, flood mitigation, working on renewable resources, managing forests and plantings, oh there are just hundreds of ways that all those people can be put to use in the saving of mankind rather than in killing each other. Not only would the Earth be safer but those “service” people would feel better about themselves because they would actually be “serving” rather than not. I am sure that all of our very concerned leaders, military heads, defense and offense contractor corporations, neighbours, allies and “enemies” would all get behind this idea and really the manpower is there it wouldn’t take much to shift it in to a more productive direction after all the real enemy of mankind is the “climate crises” is it not?
  • Stop Bulldozing the Bush – We have plenty of “urban space” that can be used more efficiently there are empty, abandoned, out of date non functioning buildings and spaces in our current urban landscape. Maybe we need to fit more in less because every tree that is bulldozed to urbanize is one less we have to oxygenize. This is a matter of leadership but also of individual consciousness from each of us … we can all die together or we can work and live together but either way there are decisions to be made.
  • Agenda Wars – Surely we can put an end to these Agenda Wars for now do we really need to have this “I’m Right You’re Wrong and you need to think like me mentality” at the moment when no matter what you may be right or wrong about … you are going to vanish off the face of the Earth with everyone else as we slip in to the cauldron of this disaster we are facing as a race. Put your hate in your pocket for now we have a crisis facing the entire race on our hands. Perhaps the BS Media can also change their attitude and get back to a “just the facts reporting’ format and stop the promotion of hatred and division this would also apply to our “leaders” whom we expect to lead not push hatred and division … I mean we are all in this together aren’t we?
  • Corporate Polluters – We need to make corporations that pollute via accident, by stealth, for profit or just because they know they can get away with it while everyone is waiting for the sky to fall pay for ratification of their messes. We need stronger environmental laws for corporations, better enforcement (here’s something the current service men and women can do) and far harsher penalties for willful pollution as well as the cost of any clean up or rectification. We can demand that everyone take a vaccine surely we can demand that corporate entities clean up their own messes rather than, as always seems to be the case, it is left to the taxpayers to clean up their messes.

So we, as individual human beings, can do minuscule individual things which with each and every minuscule thing they add up … don’t be wasteful, reuse, recycle, turn off your air conditioning, avoid plastic where possible, plant a tree, eat natural (and feed your pets natural), boycott chemicals and mechanically produced foods and products, walk, ride a bike, “turn off the damn lights” as my father said on a regular basis etc etc etc. All these little things will help a little but in the end we need our so called leaders to make the decisions, pass the laws, turn the military in to a service rather than a vessel of hatred and killing. We need all those concerned, awakened and very “green” corporate board rooms to make the decisions to take a bit less and put in a bit more real effort and a lot less pollution rather than slogans, talk fests and BS.

I can’t understand why all and more of these let’s put the brakes on things aren’t being done instigated, promoted, legislated and the band wagons being jumped on to by all the countries, corporations, leaders, scientists, engineers, inventors big wigs, the rich and fabulous etc etc etc. I MEAN IT’S A CRISIS AN EMERGENCY THAT CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION THE HUMAN RACE IS GOING TO DISOLVE THE EARTH WILL BE UNINHABITABLE IN JUST A FEW MOMENTS …. Why are they not doing the obvious things that can be done right now and in just a couple years at least the brakes will be applied until we can find a way to come to a complete stop? Is there some reason things can’t be done, do we not have the resolve to stop the race from dying out or (and I hate to say it because all of the above mentioned things should be done anyway) is the “HUMAN CREATED CLIMATE CRISIS” really just a human created distraction to keep us from thinking about the real issues that need to be addressed.

I don’t know help me out is there some reason that any of those possibilities mentioned (and I am sure there are more) can’t be done considering that doing them may help to save mankind? Is there any reason that we need to continue getting grants to study, having big talk fests to discuss the effects of “Climate Change” as it has already been determined as the biggest crisis facing mankind and that we can’t start putting some time, money, research and talk in to what we can do today to at least put the brakes on and in some manner that it doesn’t make the problem worse, not be really effective, winds up being a get more profit scheme for the very concerned corporations or a let’s just tax the already rung dry citizens so we can continue to sit in our air conditioned offices and pontificate.

You tell me I’m ready to be schooled.


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