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Songwriters, Songs & Stories

Songwriters Session, Songwriters Circle, Songwriters in the Round, Writers Rap ... they go by various labels but the concept is the same, a multi songwriter line up together on stage sharing their songs and the stories behind those [...]

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If You Know Aloha

There is really not enough room on the World Wide Web for me to write everything I could or would want to say about Hawaii ... I have tried to say it best in this song If You [...]

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FM Radio … the times the music

FM Radio ... the Times the Music Below is an excerpt from the book – THE HAIGHT –ASHBURY A HISTORY by Charles Perry – Charles Perry is a long time writer and correspondent who began writing for Rolling [...]

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Art Delivering A Message

From the song The Music Led The Way on my first solo CD THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT comes the line “We didn’t know we were at the dawn of time on the threshold of a dream we were [...]

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Fossil Fuels from Bob Crain – LIVE

Here is FOSSIL FUELS - TRACK 2 - a track from  Bob Crain - LIVE ... put to a little video. With the price of the product that moves our ride going up and up I thought this was an [...]

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Genre’ … what is it?

I have for many years had a problem with the concept of Genre’, am I a Folk Songwriter, a Rock Songwriter, a Roots, Country, Indie, Blues Writer or something else, a Hybrid maybe? Back in the 60’s and 70’s [...]

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Songwriting 101 by Bob Crain

Here's a little essay I wrote about songwriting some time ago but it still holds true today ... it was published on the US Music website Middle Tennessee Music You can get a taste of my songwriting on my Reverbnation [...]

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Bob Crain – LIVE

For all of you out there around the world who would like to see and hear me play live (I know you are out there) I will be playing with my band Ashbury Medicine Show in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at [...]

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Review of Bob Crain – LIVE … from LA Music

Review of Bob Crain - LIVE,  from LA Music Critic . com ... by Bob Leggett Read the full Review - http://www.lamusiccritic.com/indie_voice_blog/get-it-or-forget-it-grand-marquis-bob-crain-david-gerald-elin-k-worth-of-souls/ Artist Name:  Bob Crain Album Name:  Live @ The Folk Barn Label:  Self-released Genre:  Folk Rock Track [...]

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Please Pass The Indie, Bob Crain – LIVE

A very positive review of Bob Crain - LIVE from the folks at Please Pass The Indie. They listened to the songs and extracted a meaning or direction and that is what I am trying to get across ... art [...]

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