Bob Crain – LIVE

For all of you out there around the world who would like to see and hear me play live (I know you are out there) I will be playing with my band Ashbury Medicine Show in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at the Central Club Hotel on Friday 29 June … advance tickets are $15 or $20 at the door… great look forward to seeing you all there! Now for some of you this location may present a bit of a problem it’s half way around the world and you would have to include air fares, accommodation etc but wait there is another option … not quite the same but almost.

Right now you can go to the Shop purchase and download Bob Crain – LIVE … recorded live at the Folk Barn in California, and listen to it in the comfort of your living room or wherever.  Complete with all the banter and stories you would hear if I was right in your home town, including 9 of my original songs very professionally recorded with me playing both acoustic and electric guitar (not at the same time of course), it’s just like being there … just close your eyes and listen.

And that purchase option for only $5 Australian Dollars is a hell of a lot cheaper than flying to Melbourne to see me, let’s put that $5 figure in to perspective …

$5 AUD on current exchange rates is $3.56 USD, $3.05 Euros, $4.72 Canadian, L 2.67 Pounds, Y3.92 Yen and would you believe it only 3.52 Swiss Francs … what are you waiting for????

Seriously folks I would love for you to have a listen and even leave a comment if you are so inclined … you just don’t know if the Bob Crain Tour Bus is ever going to be able to make it to your neck of the woods or if you are going to get an opportunity to come to Melbourne (I certainly encourage you to if you get the chance). So this may be the only opportunity to hear me LIVE (well almost) and after all that is why I made it so cheap and in digital download format so everyone can have a listen.  If for some reason the tech system fails you let me know and I will work something out.

Cheers … oh and let me know if you are going to make it to Melbourne for the show next week … tickets are selling fast.




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