Snow & Co Album Launch

It is always an honor to be invited to play at someone's "special gig" like an Album Launch so it is my pleasure to be opening for my friend and former bandmate Paul Snowden at the Album Launch of [...]

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Just About A Year Ago – Pacific Nature

Around this time last year I was in California playing some gigs and my set at The Folk Barn was recorded and eventually became Bob Crain LIVE ... a digital download exclusively available from my website Nine songs [...]

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The “Connection” Is Fractured

The mystical connection that existed between music and people, and visa versa, seems to have diminished the point of a bad internet connection, intermittently fading in and out, 1 bar to 4 and back, static, hearing...but the message is incoherent, [...]

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Last Of The Old Folk Rockers – on Radio

Well it is always good to get some radio airplay and a few of the songs from Bob Crain - LIVE have been sampled on radio in North America which is great but to get a song on regular rotation [...]

Last Of The Old Folk Rockers – on Radio 2018-05-19T03:06:53+00:00

Review of Bob Crain – LIVE … from LA Music

Review of Bob Crain - LIVE,  from LA Music Critic . com ... by Bob Leggett Read the full Review - Artist Name:  Bob Crain Album Name:  Live @ The Folk Barn Label:  Self-released Genre:  Folk Rock Track [...]

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Please Pass The Indie, Bob Crain – LIVE

A very positive review of Bob Crain - LIVE from the folks at Please Pass The Indie. They listened to the songs and extracted a meaning or direction and that is what I am trying to get across ... art [...]

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Incubator Studios Melbourne

I have been remiss in providing my fantastic sound engineer Adrian Akkerman of Incubator Studios with the accolades he deserves in the production of Bob Crain - Live. In speaking with another sound engineer  at a function recently he explained [...]

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Shop Is Open … Technical Stuff Resolved

Thanks for your patience the technical difficulties which arose at the other end of the internet have now been resolved ... the Shop is now open and stocked you may resume buying and downloading Bob Crain - LIVE ... [...]

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Release Party Announcement

There won't be one ... I would rather you go to the website on the Release Date 22 April and spend $5, purchase and download the entire Live Set and listen to it at your pleasure, rather than coming [...]

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