Just About A Year Ago – Pacific Nature

Around this time last year I was in California playing some gigs and my set at The Folk Barn was recorded and eventually became Bob Crain LIVE … a digital download exclusively available from my website https://www.bobcrain.com.au/product/bob-crain-live/. Nine songs written and performed by me in front of a live audience … it was a great show a lot of old Hippies in a very attentive and appreciative crowd.

The full set and some of the songs have received some fantastic reviews and a fair bit of radio airplay in North America and Europe, which I really appreciate thanks to all who have listened, reviewed, played and purchased Bob Crain LIVE.

Since the gig and the release of the digital download in February I have maintained the exclusivity of the release to those who have coughed up the $5 to purchase the download. I have now decided to dribble out a few of the songs for streaming from my Reverbnation page…but you can still purchase the entire set and all the banter that went on between songs.

Here is the opening track PACIFIC NATURE a song about my life time connection to the Pacific Ocean … enjoy


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