We found ourselves in dire straits as the last requiem was played

The passion and expression would no longer be displayed

It was a cold drizzly night on a dark London stage

When a way of life was put to rest and the last requiem played

It was not so much a genre but a way to see the world

It kept us together           showed us a way

As that light slowly dimmed and the drums faded away

The last note rang out in LA as the last requiem played

It was the saddest of songs – an ominous guitar solo played

The last requiem for rock and roll – and that Fender rang true as the curtain fell

The full rock orchestra left the stage as the last stanza was played

The lone guitarist Gibson in hand the last man on stage

Tears fell from all six strings as the last riff was laid

The outro was played and it all came to rest on that fateful day

It hurt prayers were sang the last requiem for rock and roll 

That Marshall Stack one last roar vibration we’d feel no more

The last verse that final refrain the last requiem was played

The curtain lowered slowly darkness silence an empty stage

Words and Music by Bob Crain All rights reserved © 2014 B#Music/R.G. Crain – APRA Registered

THE LAST REQUIEM FOR ROCK N ROLL as performed by Ashbury Medicine Show live at Hobson’s Stores, Sandringham Australia.

Erik Adams on bass, Anita Paul on vocals and hand percussion, Bob Crain on vocals and rhythm guitar and Tim Tolhurst on lead guitar.

Now we hope that this song is never played for real as Rock N Roll Music is marched on a horse drawn caisson to be buried somewhere in the depths of the commercial music business murdered by cheap commercial pop, the unintelligible lyrics of over hyped Korean boy Bands and the stuffed suited Music Executives that know all the tricks in the business to keep artists from their fair share.



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