Here in the new century what was once the revered and respected Fourth Estate is now basically publishers of Dime Store Novels. Every story, every photo, every headline is purposely bias leaning right or left but staying well away from truth or fact.

What we had before was news media, it was the news and we were then allowed to form our own opinion or view of the events. Now they give us opinion, sensationalism, anecdotal stories, half the truth, half the picture or just plain bullshit. The powers that be that control the government and own the media don’t want us to think, relate, research or ponder … they provide the opinion format you just need to put your name down and follow the approved path.

The Dime Store Novels of old were entertainment, enjoyed but taken with a grain of salt. Now with the current Dime Store Novels we should be absorbing them as entertainment and keeping a full salt shaker on hand at all times.

We used to have journalism we had the 6:00 News, newspapers, some magazines, some investigative journalism programs like 60 Minutes which one could take in with a few hours each week. Now we are bombarded with media, 24 hour world wide news cycle, the internet, Google, social media, bloggers galore, Twitter etc etc etc. There is an old saying that I just made up “anyone who talks incessantly will eventually start spewing bullshit” a perfect description of the current state of the media in general. If it is not sensational it doesn’t sell and if its not sensational then keep digging till it is, and part of problem is that is what people want they are not satisfied with the facts and the opportunity to research and form a considered opinion they want to be entertained, we want sensational and that is what they give us … facts be damned.

So here it is in song Dime Store Novels … just me on the Martin, hopefully enjoyable if not, at least thought provoking.


Fake news and propaganda physcobabble abound like so many dime store novels telling the story of the new world disorder

Weapons of mass stupidity aimed at the village of the poor like so many dime store novels out there  complete with a score

Yellow journalists who write on the side of rich and swift boat politicians write like so many dime store novels with the truth left out

Data in the service of ideology stats to back their stories induced wannabe facts found across the land in every news stand

How have we come to this point where promoted artificial differences made up to dim our connections have brought us to hate our human relations

How do we know if we ain’t seen it for ourselves,  How do we know its not just made up

How do we know well we probably don’t   And if its up to the media  then we probably won’t.

Dime Store Novels tales of fantasy and fear the swinging door between intelligence sources and bullshit is perfectly clear

Tales from the physco-stars a trail of compulsive ideas delusional opinions but delusions are safer than facts and can be molded to suit the hacks

Pseudoscience dolled up as real research shot out of the TV to confirm fears that stand  tall tales from fantasy land

Political correctness a doctrine promoted by whomever it suits holds forth the proposition that  you can pick up a turd by the clean end

This dime store novel has terrible end when the sheep realize the garden path they are led down is  actually the road to the slaughter house

How do we know if we ain’t seen it for ourselves,  How do we know its not just made up

How do we know well we probably don’t   And if its up to the media  then we probably won’t.


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  1. William c Crain September 9, 2020 at 1:52 am - Reply

    You give Evolution some pretty hard knocks…

    Transitional analysis, ie the news, has come along ways.
    Still, growing is painful.
    Fact, Fiction, Feeling

    In murikkka it’s hard to tell, one from another;
    its all cloaked in this capitalization of self ~(look at me i’m wrapped up in myself tatted with Satan and Old Glory.)
    sustained with cheap Junk Patriotism;
    Every car on every sales lot presents a sea of American Flags! ( buy now and be a patriot….)

    i feel the primary solutions come at ‘cleaning yer own door step’ contributing to your community thru, community involvement and go to rallies.

    Anarchy must be avoided at all cost.

    A good government, well oiled, strong Quality Control,. brings solutions

    Bottom line: eliminate all probability of War ~ No more WMD propaganda…or War as a solution to a criminal problem like OBL.

    PS yer really kewl website refuses accept my website 🙁

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