Retirement Homes For Nuclear Weapons

Retirement Homes For Nuclear Weapons

With the Super Powers and wannabees around the world once again using the specter of Mutually Assured Destruction via nuclear weapons as a methodology to keep us all “under control” and our heads in the sand as to what they are spending the money they extort from us on … I thought I would put up this little ditty from Bob Crain – LIVE.

Retirement Homes For Nuclear Weapons something about the danger in such things being in your own backyard … you are far more likely to get killed by an aging nuke going off by accident than by one pointed at you from somewhere afar. Remember most of these cold war stallions were constructed pre-computer days and the people that built them are long dead and gone. The only thing they forgot to include is the dismantling instructions and there ain’t no “unsubscribe” or “uninstall” buttons on these things.

Nobody knows for sure how many or where they are or … if in fact there are any at all and it is just the fear of them that is used to maintain control.

In any event they seem to want to make more and accuse others of wanting to make more or one for their very own … nobody seems all that interested in getting rid of the one’s we have or at least the fear of them … according to some there are enough to extinguish the planet several times over … oh yes we have come a long way as a race.

Enjoy the song … and maybe now is the time to start figuring out how to retire these old cold war veterans rather than finding reasons to create more.


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