PROFITS IN WAR from Bob Crain – LIVE

PROFITS IN WAR - LYRICS Don’t you see it folks its all just a ruse    every other day a scary story in the news They trot another consultant to prophesise on the clues they’re talking up theory the threat [...]

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WHOLE Lotta Hate Going On

Gee there is a whole bunch of hate going on in the world at the moment. So many people seem to be hating on each other for all kinds of reasons ... not that anyone actually did anything to [...]

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If You Know Aloha

There is really not enough room on the World Wide Web for me to write everything I could or would want to say about Hawaii ... I have tried to say it best in this song If You [...]

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Who Will March For Sargun Ragi?

It's hard sometimes when circumstances demand that a song be written about a subject that is detestable in every sense ... and why they get delivered to me that is a mystery but unavoidable sometimes. The writing and playing of [...]

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Art Delivering A Message

From the song The Music Led The Way on my first solo CD THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT comes the line “We didn’t know we were at the dawn of time on the threshold of a dream we were [...]

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Songwriting 101 by Bob Crain

Here's a little essay I wrote about songwriting some time ago but it still holds true today ... it was published on the US Music website Middle Tennessee Music You can get a taste of my songwriting on my Reverbnation [...]

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Ashbury Medicine Show

The band I belong to Ashbury Medicine Show is appearing tonight at the Central Club Hotel in Richmond in support of The Broken Sweethearts for the launch of their new single The Only One. This will be the first major [...]

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The “Connection” Is Fractured

The mystical connection that existed between music and people, and visa versa, seems to have diminished the point of a bad internet connection, intermittent fading in and out, 1 bar to 4 and back, static, hearing...but the message is incoherent, [...]

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Last Of The Old Folk Rockers – on Radio

Well it is always good to get some radio airplay and a few of the songs from Bob Crain - LIVE have been sampled on radio in North America which is great but to get a song on regular rotation [...]

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Review of Bob Crain – LIVE … from LA Music

Review of Bob Crain - LIVE,  from LA Music Critic . com ... by Bob Leggett Read the full Review - Artist Name:  Bob Crain Album Name:  Live @ The Folk Barn Label:  Self-released Genre:  Folk Rock Track [...]

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