The next entry in the ongoing (and possibly never ending) Isolation Demonstration Series.

MADE ALL THE LIGHTS  (just me on guitar and vocals recorded on a Zoom Digital Recorder in my isolation studio, no tricks no bells, whistles or auto tune).

Interesting little song it’s about everything life, music, appreciating the little bonuses life offers up sometimes, being a unheralded local musician most anywhere I presume, friends, gigs, covers, originals, busking, hell even Niel Young made a cameo appearance … all rolled in to one little song. Well that is what it’s about to me it may paint a completely different picture for you and that’s OK.

Funny how they come along sometimes songs, this one was born from actual events … my band played a gig on a Sunday evening and the compensation was a percentage of the bar. We each made $34.70 and that became a bit of an inside joke money to be used as down payments on yachts, new guitars and fancy cars … that is the plight of the unheralded local band.  Following that I was early to pick up our guitarist for rehearsal and he said “your early” and my response was “yep made all the lights” … gotta be a song in that, and there is.

As a songwriter I never just make stuff up my eyes, ears, mind and soul are always open to incoming possibilities. Sometimes they come in bits and pieces like a puzzle with no picture and I have to figure out if and how they might fit in with each other and sometimes the whole song just get impaled in my head. I am just a transmitter of a concept, idea, motion or story.

As life rolls along offering up good and not so good you have to look out for the little moments that could turn an ordinary day in to a “yeah that was OK” kinda day … like making all the lights.

Hope you make all the lights in your life, wherever you may be heading.


I played the local bar just me and my guitar

Played a few songs and some sang along

I played Bad Moon Rising and I played a few of my own

Made thirty four seventy

So a pretty good day and a pretty good night

And on the way home I made all the lights

Went down to the City to busk on the corner

Some passers-by tapped along and a few requested songs

I played Hotel California and I played a few of my own

Made thirty four seventy {spoken} enough for gas

So all in all it was a pretty good night

And on the way home I made all the lights

Life is but a gig we just have to play

Whether pounding nails or playing guitar all day

Its hard to say if you’re wrong or right

But it sure is better when you make all the lights 

Went over to see Martha and we played a few tunes

We played some Neil Young and we played a few of our own

I packed up my stuff and I bid her farewell

It didn’t cost much of my thirty four seventy

So safe to say it was a pretty good night

And on the way home I made all the lights

Just makes you feel better makes you feel right when you make all the lights.

Yeah its always a bonus in life when you make all the lights



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