Star Spangled Paper

The current plight of Vets in the US has inspired me to write this song, record it and put it out in as many possible outlets as I can find in the hope that with people power support enough political pressure can be put on the politicians to stop the party politics, the bickering, and the inaction and immediately do something about this issue which should be an embarrassment to all Americans.

In the song the finger is pointed directly at the VA and the do nothing politicians but it is also pointed as us the people. We wave the Red, White and Blue and talk about support, heroes, honor, service to the country and all but how many of us have written or contacted their elected representatives in Washington and demanded that something be done to address the deplorable situation at the VA which is delaying the health and other benefits to the very servicemen and women who we claim have given their all for us?

Have a listen to the song and if you like it …. right after you have contacted your Representative….pass it on to someone else.