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LYRICS We found ourselves in dire straits as the last requiem was played The passion and expression would no longer be displayed It was a cold drizzly night on a dark London stage When a way of life was [...]

The Last Of The Old Folk Rockers

The Last Of The Old Folk Rockers ... by Bob Crain It is going to be a sad day when all the real Folk Rockers retire and the hard core, socially conscious, meaningful song writing that dominated the [...]


Playin in the band, Like the medicine shows of old, riders get on and off as the wagon moves on down the road. Ashbury Medicine Show has been through several incarnations over the years but I think this is [...]

History Is A Permanent Institution

The Sands Of Time "You can topple statues and rename the streets can't change the facts of history by busting concrete Change the date the name and the symbolic flag the story remains the same and you still [...]

It’s a Lotto World

I wrote the song It's Lotto World back in about 2010 ... nothing much has changed probably more people now with their lives completely hinged on the outcome of a bunch of numbers bouncing around in a big [...]

Retirement Homes For Nuclear Weapons

Retirement Homes For Nuclear Weapons With the Super Powers and wannabees around the world once again using the specter of Mutually Assured Destruction via nuclear weapons as a methodology to keep us all "under control" and our heads in [...]