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On the road with Ashbury Medicine Show

Hitting the road again with Ashbury Medicine Show, on stage at Whole Lotta Love Bar (check the Gig Page for details) on Sunday Nov. 3 ... music from 4PM to when the fire dies down. Special treat - a [...]

Folk Rocking with Ashbury Medicine Show

Great gig with Ashbury Medicine Show at The Catfish along with Tim Tolhurst on Lead Guitar, Anita Paul on Vocals, Guitar, Hand Percussion and Ukulele and Erik Adams on Violin, Bass and Guitar ... stay tuned the medicine show [...]


LYRICS We found ourselves in dire straits as the last requiem was played The passion and expression would no longer be displayed It was a cold drizzly night on a dark London stage When a way of life was [...]

The Last Of The Old Folk Rockers

The Last Of The Old Folk Rockers ... by Bob Crain It is going to be a sad day when all the real Folk Rockers retire and the hard core, socially conscious, meaningful song writing that dominated the [...]