TRACKIN’ YOUR EVERY MOVE -Demo Well we are almost out of complete isolation the band is back rehearsing and so this will be the last song in my Isolation Demonstration Series…for now anyway. I wrote this song [...]

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MOTHER LISTEN NOW – Demo I wrote the lyrics to this song in 1983 prior to having enough understanding of music theory to actually put it to music, I’ve learned a thing or two since and they [...]

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SEEDS OF CHANGE – Demo Not much to say about this song the message is abundantly clear. There are numerous difficult and disturbing issues effecting areas of not only our individual communities but of human society [...]

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MADE ALL THE LIGHTS - Demo The next entry in the ongoing (and possibly never ending) Isolation Demonstration Series. MADE ALL THE LIGHTS  (just me on guitar and vocals recorded on a Zoom Digital Recorder in my [...]

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DIME STORE NOVELS - Demo Here in the new century what was once the revered and respected Fourth Estate is now basically publishers of Dime Store Novels. Every story, every photo, every headline is purposely bias leaning [...]

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REAGANOMICS - Demo Next up in my series of Covid 19 Isolation Demo Postings REAGANOMICS I wrote the original lyrics to this song in 1983 in Hawaii, it was only lyrics at the time as I didn’t [...]

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Locked down in the fair city of Melbourne, Australia … so many things you can’t do. Can’t go out in to the fields and forests and there is just so much TV the mind can take. Can’t go to [...]

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Just A Thought

I wonder if the current virus crisis we are facing in the world today is not just Mother Nature giving her "guests" a slap upside the head for not respecting her, our environment and our fellow "guests". We seem [...]

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Three Minutes & Forty Seconds or 3:40

Three minutes and forty seconds or 3:40, the commercially recommended maximum song length. Why? Back in the heyday of music in the 60’s and 70’s the musicians controlled the industry because they 1. Refused to give up their publishing [...]

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Mucho Music stuff happening

There is a whole lot of music stuff happening at the moment or in the planning stage SONGWRITING - I have recently written or finished several new songs with titles including A Lot More Rock n Roll, It's Been [...]

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